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Al Caucci Fly Fishing
1250 Winterdale Road
Starlight, PA, 18461

Phone : 1 ( 570 ) 635 - 5897
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Al Caucci

Al Caucci was inducted into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame in October 2006 at the Catskill Flyfishing Museum and has been an international name in the fly fishing world since his milestone book HATCHES was presented in the FIELD and STREAM book of the month club as the May 1975 selection.

Al Caucci is the author (with Bob Nastasi) of five Flyfishing books; COMPARAHATCH, HATCHES, FLY-TYERS COLOR GUIDE, INSTANT MAYFLY IDENTIFICATION GUIDE, and HATCHES II. He has also made many contributions to other books, has written articles regularly for top Flyfishing magazines, and was a contributing editor. Al was on the Board of directors for the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum for five years and is one of the founders and a current officer of the “Friends of the Upper Delaware River”.

Al Caucci is creator of the famous “Comparadun” and also developer of the Compara-fly series of patterns with Bob Nastasi. They developed an entire fly tying system, which revolutionized the way trout flies are tied and fished today. Al's names is synonymous with modern Flyfishing entomology, as well as on the bonefish flats where he designed the effective Hoochy Caucci bonefish patterns which are deadly in the Bahamas.

Al Caucci’s home is on the Upper Delaware but he is equally at home in Montana, the Bahamas, and other fly fishing destinations around the world where he spends 4 months a year teaching, fishing, and exploring sites for his trout and bonefish programs. He is owner/director of the nationally acclaimed Delaware River Club Flyfishing Resort and the Al Caucci Flyfishing Schools on the West Branch of the Delaware since 1984.

Concurrent with his Flyfishing career, Al was a practicing mechanical engineer between 1961 and 1994 and Chief Engineer for Weiler Company between 1980 and 1994. His writing ability and scientific background meshed perfectly with Bob Nastasi’s artistic background in illustration and photography to produce their works.

Al’s passion is Flyfishing for wild trout and bonefish, and teaching students the physical skills and importance of protecting their rivers and environment. When asked about his fruitful life, Al credits his wife Betti for her encouragement and assistance over the past 45 years.

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